cost effectiveness

Every day they suggest all kinds of more or less profitable, more or less safe operations, we are filtering what is most interesting according to the preferences of the investor group.


We analyze very well all the variables of each operation before proposing the investment, we always work with top-level professionals and implement cutting-edge technology.


All information and analysis clearly available. We must analyze well before making important decisions, the success of the club members is our success

We have Excellent Real Estate Operations, Blockchain, Electronic Commerce, Mobile Applications, Imports / Exports and More. We work with top-level contacts.

Rentabilidad en inversiones Seguras y transparentes

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    ClubInversor360 is an investor club created to take advantage of the good market opportunities.

    The founders are a group of collaborators and companies that cover the different key areas for the success of operations.

    Excellent investment opportunities come to us frequently, we analyze, filter, prepare business plans and share them with the club's investors.

    Participating in the club is completely free, nothing is required other than being a serious investor and having the capital to invest.